How to Spruce Up Your Space with Area Rugs

It's better not to overlook floors while decorating spaces; an area rug completes a room by visually tying all the different pieces together. Interior experts usually suggest starting the décor of a room by selecting the rugs to get an appropriate idea of the style. Along with the furniture and accessories, a rug can help anchor the overall appeal of a room.

*Below we have listed some of the great tips to decorate your home by using area rugs, so brace yourself for a fun descriptive ride of home decoration with us:


Colors and patterns of area rugs

Light colors make space look more spacious, while dark, vibrant colors help create a more intimate space. Try to mix and match the colors of accessories and decor with the rug. If your walls and accessories are colorful and bright, opt for subtle and harmonic patterns. And for the neutral walls and furniture, use a bright and patterned rug. A bold and bright colored area rug will incorporate a giant splash of color in the center of the floor to offset the plain façade. It'll become a center of attention by drawing your eyes to the room's main area; a good conversation starter if you choose it rightly.

Area Rugs to separate spaces

A stylish area rug is a great way to define each room in your home. In an open-plan home, the living room can feel a little congested because each room flows into one another; by adding a well-placed area rug, you can separate different spaces from your living room to your dining room and dining room to the kitchen.

When placing furniture on your rug, make sure to only put the front legs of each furniture piece on the rug. It will help maintain a defined look and also the integrity of the rug's fibers.


Cover Empty Walls

If you have an empty wall in your home which you
're totally clueless about what to do with it. Take an unconventional approach by hanging an area rug on this wall. A hanging rug will add a much-desired pop of color and a touch of creativity to your space. Area rugs come in a variety of patterns, shapes, textures, and colors that can be used to turn your dull wall into a topic of conversation. Choose it wisely, don't pick the rug that's too heavy to hang, and ensure that it stays consistent with your home's overall design to avoid clashing.


Choose wisely if you have children and pets

A rug for kids and pets should be resilient and beautiful. A bold patterned, rich colored rug is the ideal choice for homes with children and pets, as it will be forgiving of blemishes and smudges. Opt for natural fiber rugs like wool because they feel great under feet and tend to release stains more swiftly than some synthetic material rugs. Children like to sit and play on the rugs; choose one with colorful graphics.

You can also use rugs to buffer noises. If you have an obnoxious teenager in the room below you, who enjoys loud music, put a rug on your floor to create a buffer between you and the room below.


Final words about area rugs

When picked carefully, an area rug can change the feel of a whole space. The overall look of a traditional room can be upgraded just by adding a stylish rug. Along with changing the mood and look of a room, a rug provides practical benefits of warming your home and reducing noises, making them a must-have accessory for your home.