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Balloon Unicorn - Large Ceramic Money Bank

Product Details

Designed by: Natasha Ho
Made from: High-gloss electroplated ceramic
Measures: 11″ L x 5.25″ W x 10″ H

Majestic Money Bank of Mythical Proportions is now available in Large Sizes too!

Combine balloon animals with the classic concept of childhood piggy banks, and you get something unique. Add a unicorn to the mix, and you know you’re in for a legendary treat. Because, deep down, you know the Baby Unicorn Balloon Money Bank is not just an excellent gift for special occasions and serious unicorn fans but also a gentle reminder to keep dreaming and save along the way.

Product Features

  • Unicorn-shaped penny bank for kids, teens, and adults who refuse to grow up
  • Combine the idea of balloon animals with your favorite magical creature
  • Sadly, it comes with no magical powers other than to store your savings safely
  • Bring cheerfulness, delight, and positivity to your newborn baby’s nursery
  • Teaches your toddler that nearly anything is possible if they save enough for it
  • A unique gift and a must-have item for serious unicorn enthusiasts of all ages
  • Handmade using toxic-free paint and materials, so it’s safe for children
  • The rubber stopper at its base makes it easy to collect your savings
  • It comes in a full-color gift box with Styrofoam protection

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