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Dozen Immortal Roses


Handmade welded metal roses create the perfect gift. One dozen up-cycled roses made from recycled washers and wire welded together, creating beautiful art. Each rose is an individual and a little different, designed from the same materials. The washers are hand-bent and welded together to create a beautiful fused art rose that will never die. This gift would be great for Weddings, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or just a great way to say you are sorry. Please remember this is for a full dozen (twelve) roses, which will differ slightly from the image. Each one is handcrafted depending on the availability of similar components, creating the exact size result and similar-looking product. A jute cord will attach a tag to one of the roses. Every rose is cleaned up, and the sharp edges are removed; they are then sprayed with a clear lacquer to give a continuous shine and prevent rust. The roses are pretty heavy, and a sturdy vase and stones are highly recommended for stability. Currently, we do not offer vases this big in our shop. These would be great as a centerpiece or just a great conversation starter sitting on display.

The modern and traditional 11th Wedding Anniversary gifts are steel. There is no better gift than some fabulous stainless steel roses.

This item is handcrafted in the United States of America.

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