Novus Decor

Extra Large Bright Ivory Lambskin Rug 47"


Make yourself a little bit of luxury with our rug, made entirely from natural elements and has fantastic health benefits. Our store offers its customers only high-quality natural products. So each one of them is very unique.

Thanks to its fantastic color, your house will look cozy, comfortable, original, and stylish!! It is produced in a picturesque village in the center of the Polish mountains, bringing a breath of nature and tranquility to your home. You'll love the new look of your home!


  • Made in Poland
  • Premium natural sheepskin
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Size Approximate Dimensions (L x W[bottom] W[middle]) 45"-47" x 32"-47" x 27"-32"
  • Materials: Sheepskin, Wool

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