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Dew Droplets 20 LED Solar Lights


Falling Like Dew to make your year fresh and new. These Dew Droplets with 20 LED Solar Lights are shaped like frozen Dewdrops. Decorate your garden for Fall and Holidays with a realistic look of Dew Drops nestled in your trees. Solar powers these 20 LED Dew Drop lights, so no wiring is required; just set and go. 

The lights are automatically turned on and glow when it is dark and go out in the daytime to grasp solar power so they can shine again at night. It has multiple modes of displaying the lights, from Sold to Flashing. They are 100% weatherproof, so you never have to worry about removing them for wet or snowy weather. DewDrops are so beautiful to look at.


  • The lights are 15 ft long.
  • All weatherproof.
  • Bright LED lights come in 3 colors: Warm Yellow, Bright White, and Multi-Color.
  • The solar panel has a rechargeable battery lasting 6 to 8 hours when fully charged in the sun.
  • Ground stakes are included. 

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