Novus Decor

7" Round Silver Ceiling Pendant Lamp

Have you ever wanted a lamp that was more than just another dull lamp? If so, this is the piece for you. This lamp not only looks gorgeous but provides you with the prettiest lighting as well. It has a unique design that will surely add a bit of life to your space and turn some heads while remaining superbly functional. Its splendid contemporary style will augment your space, while its tempered finish and grey color will revitalize it. It's not just tempting, either. This lamp is made from high-quality stainless steel.
Moreover, this lamp will provide the most alluring lighting and make a soothing setting. As for measurements, they are 71" in height, 7" in width, and 7" in depth, and they weigh 8 pounds. If you want a lamp that can be both spellbinding and useful, this is the one for you. You can match it with other decorations to get the ideal look.

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